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World Sustainable Development Goals Organization, WSDGsO, is a global organization that operates within all the UN member nations with the widest scope of duties ever.

We are touching Lives, Transforming Societies, Healing Souls, Uniting Nations and Changing the world. WSDGsO stand as a mantra for Liberation, and Advancement of the Human Race.

The International NGO is saddled with the  responsibilities of executing the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, including ending trafficking.

Sustainable Goals

World Sustainable Development Goals Organization, WSDGsO

No Poverty

Eradicating Poverty by providing opportunities to make income. 

Zero Hunger

Organizing programs that deals with Agricultural issues and food distribution.

Good Health & Well -being

Organizing Medical outreach and seminar across the Nation and also 

Quality Education

Ensure quality of Education in is the goal of our institutions.


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Empowerment of Nigerian Youths in the Northern central States in Nigerian.
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Teens and Youth Capacity Development boot-camp in Abuja and Kogi State .
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Skills Development / Capacity Development not limited to Health and Safety, Project Managment,Creative writing, Cinematography, Photography, Website design, Content Development, Fashion Design, Cyber Security, Agriculture Technology etc.