Dr Desziree Richardson, also known as Desziree, is an International, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, Vibratory Voice Healer, Branding Iconic Expert, Women Empowerment Advocate, Entrepreneur, Leader and Humanitarian.
She is the UK Representative for the Birland State government, an International Multicultural Distinguished Honorary Advisor for FOWCAAS.org, Ambassador for International Forum for Creativity and Humanity, the Kingdom of Morocco and an Ambassador for Safeguarding Children Sava Samiti Agra Uttar Pradesh India. 
Her passion, story and motivation have helped and inspired others;
Desziree Richardson is a thought leader, transformation and motivational speaker, International best-selling author, model, humanitarian, and entrepreneur. Although she is a solid businesswoman, she feels a genuine desire and devotion to the well-being and welfare of her fellow human beings. She enjoys being a service to others. Desziree believes her sole purpose in sharing her story and wisdom is to help empower positive changes in the lives of many people around the world. 
Desziree uses her experiences and voice as a vehicle and an instrument calling for change. To empower, heal, motivate, and help transform lives into those filled with love, kindness, peace, abundance, and acceptance. She has purposely designed creative projects for women’s empowerment, passion, and soul purpose. Her platforms bring a powerful magnetic energy and a unique array of women advancement projects to celebrate, motivate and empower women
Her magnetic voice has made her famous to her listening audience. One part is smooth, two parts delightful, and a large portion of entertaining and joyful communication with a positive vibrancy and warm personality.
 Alongside her established media and celebrity career, she is dedicated to helping people in need and has a real passion for volunteering and philanthropy and community service.
 Desziree also volunteered her time teaching in Asia and completed projects to give back, such as the Sanitary Napkins campaign for young girls in Uganda, holding the first Women of Heart Foundation Golden Awards in Kenya along with projects in Uganda, Liberia, and Nigeria on the ground. She has also helped with Fundraising for various charities and hospices across the UK  for the Have a Heart Appeal, Help a London Child, The Classic Foundation, and campaigning for the Hunger Summit. IF Enough Food for Everyone, and as a UNICEF Children’s Champion.
 In addition, she has contributed to many funds and awareness-raising campaigns, including live auction bids with other celebrities and acted as mother Nature speaking to children at the London Metropolitan University on Climate Change.
Desziree platforms bring a powerful magnetic energy and a unique array of women advancement projects to celebrate, motivate, and empower women worldwide. 
Her empowering platforms, such as the Women of Heart Awards-WOHA, Gentlemen of Heart Awards-GOHA, both platforms celebrate men and women making a difference in the world.
She supports and specialises in women empowerment and appreciate and recognises men who lift women and the growth of society.
 Her projects are a great forum to forge connections between like-minded women and men. She believes the world we live in could become more beautiful if everyone thought positively and shared positive energies wherever they go. 
Desziree uses her platforms to motivate them to believe in the power of choice.
Awards and Recognition 
 She has received numerous international awards and recognition for her work which includes the Award-Winning World Women Visionary Leader Award, AAA, Humanitarian Award, the England Gold Award for Leadership and Dedication, Red Blazer of Excellence and Achievement Award. She Rocks Women Empowerment Lifetime Achievement Award, WAW Hall of Fame Honorary Award, Innovative Global Women Empowerment Leadership Award, Woman of Distinguished Existence Titanic Blue Necklace Award, Institution of Global Professionals Women of Influence Award, The Global Empowerment Cheerleader for All Women Award, Outstanding Personality of the Year Award, Woman of Excellence Award, Peace Champion of the Year Award, Lifetime Legend in Leadership Award, Peace Worker Platinum Award, Kutai Mulawarman Education for Peace and Human World Award, Nobility Award, Vessels Social Change and Impact Award, LMA motivational Speaker of Year Award and Royal Nobles Heart Award to name a few.
Reason for WOHA 
The Women of Heart Awards is a significant new event cut from the philosophical fabric as a Women’s Empower Movement; I am happy to announce the WOHA Board selects you for the Women of Heart Awards honour. The Women of Heart Awards is dedicated to highlighting and rewarding courageous and inspiring civic-minded women. Women like you.
As an essential award celebrating our universal sisterhood’s innumerable deeds, the Women of Hearts Award holds to a humanist tenant of the immutable right of equality and dignity for all human beings. Baked into its ideology is the immovable belief of human goodness as often expressed in the countless civic-minded deeds of countless women.
Women of Heart Awards adds an extra veneer of recognition to individual women and helps add continuous focus on the many caring industries held together by women.
This award is for outstanding Women of Heart who have shown enormous dedication to our future generations; our fixers, motivators, heroines, peacemakers, influencers, volunteers, preservers of our society, and the humanitarian world.
WOHA presents the Award to an individual whose social contributions significantly impact society. We were particularly impressed by your ability to create a world of hope and peace for humanity through your industrious works, charitable deeds, and leadership. And by merging values to empower women to become goddesses of weight and stability. My team and I have conducted research and were fascinated by your work, volunteering, and leadership.
It is my most prideful privilege to share with you that on behalf of the Women of Heart Foundation
 As a woman, the founder of WOHA and now GOHA, Dr Desziree Richardson,  who is fascinated by men who support, uplift, promote, empower women and humanity, I was delighted to create a speciality award for h; we-driven men who demonstrate compassion in their purpose and belief in conveying their support, message, and creative works in the evolution of women and humanity. And after having these beautiful thoughts, WOHA, Women of Heart Awards has given birth to GOHA, Gentlemen of Heart Awards, 2021. 
GOHA recognises great men with humble qualities and strong leadership qualities to better society and humanity.
The Gentlemen of Heart awards is also an organisation dedicated to highlighting and rewarding those extraordinarily brave and inspiring gentlemen.
Our event adds an extra veneer of recognition to individual men and helps add continuous focus on the many caring industries held together by men.
GOHA presents the award to an individual whose social contributions significantly impact society. We were particularly impressed by your ability to create a world of hope for humanity through your actions, charitable deeds, and leadership. 
Mission Statement: 
Desziree, believes it is one of her sole purposes to share her experience and wisdom to help empower positive changes in many people worldwide. 
Desziree believes as humans, we should all gather our good thoughts and deeds by accepting and welcoming different cultures and religions in the workplace, society, and social norms. As a leader and visionary, her projects sustain, support, and implement diversity and inclusion, which exemplify a sense of belonging that embrace these factors.
She envisions a world of hope far from the perils of the ego to replace the elements with compassion, kindness, peace and tolerance. 
Her quote Put love in all you do; when love wins, the world wins.