Dr. Raymond Edoh, is the United Nations Habitat Ambassador to Nigeria, a young Nigerian oil magnet, an international activist, political strategist, foreign affairs analyst, a real estate consultant, shipping expert and economist is a highly accomplished, proactive, and dynamic professional with a successful career.

Dr. Raymond Edoh is also the Convener, Go and Get Your PVC and Youth Must Vote Campaign.

The Nigerian youth Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency, Dr. Raymond Edoh was born on the 25th of November, 1980 into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Adehi Edoh in Otukpo Benue State of Nigeria. The Secretary-General, Nigerian Youth Congress, NYC, Dr. Raymond Edoh has empowered a cluster of journalists across Print, Radio, TV, online and outdoor in Abuja.
He has also empowered over 600 farmers across Benue and Kogi States with high bride seedlings and capacity-building trainings .

Dr. Raymond Edoh has also empowered 250 women in Nasarawa State with tailoring skills after which were aided with the tailoring machines of which a large number of the beneficiaries were widows.

He has also empowered young Nigerian Youths with aquaculture-related skills as well as start-up funds (seed money) to take it up as a line of business as well as constituting a post mentorship and follow up team for appreciate able result.

Dr. Raymond Edoh has empowered over 1000 young Nigerians with skill acquisition cutting across Agric, ICT, Photography, Videography, Phone Repairs, Cake Baking, Website Design, Hair Barbing, Hair Dressing and Make up and several others.

He also empowered 500 Nigerian youths spread across States within the north-central region.

As though not enough, in Abuja, Dr. Raymond Edoh empowered 250 participants of the 2021 Africa Youth Community leadership conference among sundry others.

The one-time Diaspora Affairs Director for the Nigerian Youths globally was a strategic tool to the government of Nigeria in resolving #EndSARS protest which almost dragged Nigeria into a state of quagmire and also, he was an apparatus in the hands of the federal government in the attainment of Anambra state peaceful election through his peaceful engagements with the youth leaders in the state.