H.I.M.  Prof. Dr. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad, LPT, MAP, DDIP, PhD, DHon. Ex., FOPd

Name: Eden Soriano Trinidad

Title: H.I.M. Prof. Dr. Queen

Country: Philippines

Degree: Bachelor in Kindergarten Education (BKE) Harris Memorial College, United Nations Manila, Philippines

Masters in Administrative Processes (MAP) Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations and Diplomacy (DDip) Universidad Internacional Abierta Generalisimo Sebastian Francisco de Miranda Open International University Generalissimo Sebastian Francisco de Miranda- Venezuela

Professor Literati Ad Honorem Professor Ad Honorem Pro Saecularibus ET Ecclesiasticis- Ybarra Scholars and Fellows

Position/Designation: Prime Minister of State of Birland the 55th country in the African Continent-www.birlandgov.org

License and Honored Degrees and Titles:

License Professional Teacher (LPT), Doctor of Education (DPEd), Doctor of Literature (DLITT), Doctor of Humanities (DHum), Doctor of Missiological Science, Doctor of Humane Letters and Creative Writing (DHL), Honorary Doctorate for Equality, Human and Civil Rights, Doctor Honoris Excellentia (DHon. Ex.,)Fellowship Order of the Pedagougue (FOPd).


Eden S Trinidad Corporation – CEO/Owner-Philippines

Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute, Inc. (RKMPII)-Philippines

Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute-RKMPII Ambassadors of Happiness

Unity World Peace Poets, Inc. (UNWPP)- Philippines

World Birland Poets (WBP)- Birland

Eden Soriano Trinidad, LPT, MAP, DDip, Ph.D.,DHon. Ex., FOPd is being labelled with “a Global iconic high esteemed personality hails from the Philippines.

It surprises many royal kings and international organizational heads how she developed in the governmental and monarchial spheres, the mastery in relevant tasks and the power of conviction which few people have and is already a triumph in itself.

She has reached her achievements from her persevering actions of humanitarian and peace person and from the heart and God entrusted her with these tasks that she carries out with perfection…” (words by some royal kings about her).

She is a holder of a Bachelor Degree in Kindergarten Education from Harris Memorial College in Manila Philippines and a Licensed Professional Teacher. She also has a diploma in Masters in Administration Processes and Ph.D. in International Relations and Diplomacy from UNIASFGMI-Venezuela and several honored titles and honored degrees from the different International Institutions, Academies and Universities.

It is her life’s advocacy to touch lives by promoting Peace, Harmony, and Global healing through poetry, all cultural and literary forms, humanitarian works, education programs to help make this world a better and happy place to live in.

Through her Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute (RKMPII), she is providing educational programs such as the FREE Online Short Training Courses with alliance internationally accredited Open Universities.

She loves learning new things, achieving and accomplishing great endeavors in life that will bring great impact to humanity as a whole.

She also has very long and vast experienced as administrator and director of educational institutions and several organizations.

In 1991, she pioneered the establishment of a school to provide quality education especially to the under- privilege children, pioneered in teaching the children in the community under a canopy made of coconut leaves and under the fruit-bearing trees, and for more than 30 years up to the present she serve Pro Bono as Vice-President of the Board of Trustees, School Director and Principal of this outreach and mission school.

She is an international poet, author, translator and editor. Her poetry has been published in various print and electronic literary journals and magazines worldwide.

Prof. Dr. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad holds key Positions and roles as follows:

*The Queen of the Monarchy of the State of Birland, and Prime Minister and International General Representative of a newly emerging country in the African Continent- The State of Birland in BirTawil land.

*Secretary -General of United Global Kingdoms registered in South, Africa

*Chairman of the Vetting Council of United Kingdoms of Afrika

*Goodwill Fundraiser Ambassador of World Humanity Commission– USA/Nigeria

*Secretary General Intergovernmental Organizations Cooperation to United Nations -IGO to UN’s


*International Vice President of Jara Foundation Nepal

*International Chief Affairs Advisor of the Federation of World Cultural Arts and Society (FOWCAAS) –Singapore

*World Joint Secretary General for the United Nation Inter-Governmental Organization (UNIGO) California USA.

*World Leader Ambassador for Peace of the World Embassy for Peace of Fundacion El Sol in Columbia

*Global Advisor of International Police Forum (IPF) – USA

*Global Chairman for Life World University of Sports- Iran

*Global Chief Advisor of World Institute for Peace based in Nigeria

*Global Advisor of LOANI (Ladies of All Nations International)- London

*International Rector Delegate -Generalisimo Francisco Sebastian de Miranda International Open University in Venezuela

*Global Vice-Chancellor of Generalisimo Francisco Sebastian de Miranda International Open University in Venezuela

*Royal Global Esteemed Honorary Advisor of Women of Heart Awards (WOHA)and Gentlemen of Heart Awards (GOHA) London, and Philippines Country Director for Women of Heart Foundation.

*A Board Member of Mediterranean Survival of African Migrants.

*Honorary Professor of Humanity-International Open University of Humanity Health Science & Peace-(IOUHHSP)California USA

*Academician Full Member of Serbian Royal Academy for Scientists and Arts-Belgrade Serbia

*Member of Board Management and Visiting Professor of The Institute of Roma and European Researches Against Crimes and Humanity-Belgrade

*Member- Supreme Board of Directors and Member of Supreme Council of Elite


*International President and Owner of Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute RKMPII and the Unity World Peace Poets -Philippines

*World Ambassador of World Institute of Peace (WIP)-Nigeria

*Board of Director of World Sustainable Development Goals Organization– Nigeria

*Patron- Birland for the Motherless (BFTM)- Nigeria

*Administrator of the Institute Educando Para A Paz 2021- Brazil

*International Honorary Advisor- Future Leaders Entity– Egypt

*President of Chinese Poetry Spring Festival -Philippine Branch

*Board of Director and Staff of Atunis Poetry – Belgium

*First Ambassador – World Union of Poets- Italy

*Philippine Representative -FEPJOBA -Friends of Elected President Joe Biden in Africa

Advisor of Glory Future Foundation- Bangladesh

*Officially recognized as an author, writer translator by the National Book Development Board of the Philippines (NBDB).

*Global Chairman of International Human Rights Peace and Anti Corruption Foundation -India

*Global Chief Patron *Board of Advisory of Driving Application and BIG BRAIN Brilliance Knowledge Hub-India

*Pioneer and Director of an established school for under privilege children in Philippines

*Royal Titles and Positions

Royal Queen Worldwide of Ohanaeze Kingdom- Central Ghana Africa

Ancestral Royal Princess of Supreme Council Of African Ancestral Kingdoms and Royalties- Etche Ethnicity Nigeria.

Royal Queen of the Monarchy of the State of Birland

Royal Queen Naladuta of Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom Indonesia

Royal Queen of Embo Kingdom and Diaspora South Africa

Royal Princess of the Monarchy of Bakholokoe Nation South Africa

Secretary General International Coordinator Monarchy of Bakholokoe Nation South Africa

 Minister of Foreign Relations of the Embo Kingdom in Johannesburg, South Africa

Global Ambassador of the Embo Kingdom in Johannesburg, South Africa

Charge D’Affaires in Asia Pacific of Embo Kingdom in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Ghana Organization (ONGO)

President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Ghana Organization (ONGO) in the Philippines

Head of International Relations of Sacro Trono de los Amerindios y Afrodescendiente (SATROAMAD)

Honorary President in the Philippines of Sacro Trono Sacro Trono de los Amerindios y Afrodescendiente (SATROAMAD) Diplomatica International Society of Culture and Peace

International Awards

Numerous unsolicited prestigious international awards and recognitions from different foreign organizations and institutions have been conferred and bestowed upon her in the fields of Education, Humanitarian, Peace advocacies, and literature. 

14th May 2022 in Kathmandu Nepal- UNIGO Awarded her with the following Medals and Certificates

*Presidential Medal of Excellence UN Diplomatic Corps. -UNIGO USA

*Medal of Excellence Inter-Governmental Court Peace Mediator

*Merit of Excellence- Federal Police Chaplain International -USA

*Merit of Excellence- Federal Police Chaplain International -USA

*Medal of Excellence- International Police Forum-USA

*Medal Of Excellence UNIGO ICDRHRP- USA

*Global Eagle University USA

*World Pacifist Intercontinental Recognition as Distinguished Leader of Peace- Plumas Y Letras De Curumani Un Grito Cultural-Columbia- 2022

*“The Global Queen of Peace “Woman of Heart Award 2021” recently bestowed upon her by the Women of the Heart Foundation inLondon.

*High Honorary Award from Cambridge Research and Conferences Center- Bahrain

*Global Award for Influential Women Certificate of Achievements- Institute of Global Professionals-USA

Personality of the Year Award 2021- Roma Institute for the Roma Studies of Europe and Research regarding Crimes Against Humanity and International Law– Serbia

*Outstanding Personality of the year Award -VIDEV Tejaswini Foundation- 2021 – India

* Numerous Awards from Arab Organizations in Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, and others

World Civility Ambassador Award 2021-Royal Leader of the Year bestowed upon by the Global Civility Leader and President of I Change Nation Dr. Clyde Rivers in Ohio, USA

Melnores de 2021 Na Luta A Pelus Dirietos Humanos bestowed by the World Parliament of Security and Peace Neste all Nomeia A Excellentessima Senhora- Brazil

Yang Mulia Puteri Kusuma Ayu Ningrum Ambassador 2020 of Wakatobi Kingdom Ing Al Butunie- 2021 – Indonesia

Creativity Shield Official Certificate of Recognition- Ministry of Education- General Directory in Al Anbar Governorate Department of Training 2021- Iraq

*A Certificate of Recognition bestowed upon her recently from The Royal Kingdom of Embo Nation in Johannesburg South Africa recognizing her as the Charge D Affaires in Asia Pacific-March 6, 2021. 

*Yang Mulia Puteri Kusuma Ayu Ningrum Ambassador 2020 of Wakatobi Kingdom Ing Al Butunie- Indonesia- 2021 

*Creativity Shield Official Certificate of Recognition- Ministry of Education-General Directory of Education in Al Anbar Governorate Department of Training -Iraq-2021 

*CERTIFICATE ISO EDUCATIONAL- CTCE Center for Training and Continuing Education- Iraq-2021  

*Global Change Maker 2020-2021 -Award from the Worldwide Leaders Association and Ladies of All Nations International-UK 

*Success Award Justice of Peace 2021- International Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom -Indonesia -Peace Award bestowed by the Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman 

2020 DOKTOR AV SPETKOMPETENS -April 7, 2021 

*Honoris Causa Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)Emphasis in Transformative Leadership 

*Doctor en Letras Humanas Enfasis en Traduccion y Escritura CreativaAssociacon Mundial del Orbe (Doctor of Humane Letters Emphasis in Translation and Creative Writing) 

*Doutoramento em Filosofia em Altruismo E Educacao Para a Paz- Faculdades Unidas do Brazil 

Philippine Awards

A2B Career BPO Services in the Philippines awarded her  the GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS with the Theme “The Oscars for Professionals 2022”.

Most Exceptional and Iconic Educator of the Year

Most Outstanding and Inspiring World class Leader of the Year

Most Admired and Empowered Woman of the Year

Most Remarkable Achiever in Education of the Year

Most Outstanding and Inspiring World Class Motivational Speaker of the Year

Most Outstanding Individual Achiever of the Year

 Leaders Autonomy International Awards *Doctor of Excellence-2022


 The GAWAD YBARRA AWARD (Philippines)2020, a legitimate with international partner Institutions and award-giving bodies granted her the following International & Global Level recognitions and awards namely:

 *Global Leader Award

 *Excellence Award as a Humanitarian

 *Global Humanitarian Award 

*Excellence Award as an International Leader

 *Outstanding Humanitarian of the Region

 *Outstanding School Administrator of the Region

 *Certificate of Appreciation

 Theophany International University

 Exclusive and Pre-Awarded *Certificate of Completion as Outstanding Educator of the Philippines March 15,2021. 

*Doctor of Philosophy in Global Development 2021 

*Citation to Global Leadership 2021

* Doctor of Literature

Honorary Doctorates with Academic Value


*Doctor of Philosophy in Social & Humanitarian Studies-ALL NATIONS BIBLE INSTITUTIONS- South Africa

*Honorary Professor of Humanity-International Open University of Humanity Health Science & Peace-California USA

Honorary Degree of Professor in Humanity – Instituto Educando Para A Paz -Brazil- 3 Jan.2022


Institute for the Roma Studies of Europe and Researches regarding the Crimes Against Humanity and International Law- Belgrade from 1-5

1. Doctorate in International Diplomacy and Global Development 

2. Doctorate for Affirmation and emancipation of Roma in electronic and print media around the world- 2021

3. Doctor of Literature – 2019 & 2020

4. Doctor of Arts and Humanity- 2020, 

5. Doctor Visiting Professor of Cultural Anthropology- 2020

6. Doctorado Honoris Causa en Diplomacia Internacional Y Cultural (Doctor Honoris Causa In International Diplomacy and Culture)- 2021 UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL ABIERTA GENERALISSIMO SEBASTIAN FRANCISCO DE MIRANDA -Venezuela- 2021

7.Doutoramento em Filosofia em Altrusimo E Educacao Para a Paz- FAUNB-Brazil-2021

8.Doctor of Philopohy(PhD) Empahsis in Transformativer Leadership Theophany International University and Leaders Autonomy International- Haiti and Philippines 2021

9.Doctor en Letras Humanitas -Enfasis en Traducion y Escritura Creativa -2021-Association Mundial de Escrotores y Artistas del Orbe & Leadership Autonomy International

10. Doctor of Humanities for Social Work, Peace and Humanity -2020 

11. Doctorate of Peace and Human Rights-World Peace Mission and Human Rights Academy- accredited as NGO in United Nations, New York, USA-2021 

12. Fellowship Academic Order in Pedagogy- FOPd 2021

13.Doctor of Pedagogy in Foundational and Integrative Teaching – 2020 Theophany University Haiti 

14. Doctor of Peace and Human Rights – 2020 International Instituto Educando Para A Paz-Brazil Republica Federativ Do Brazil

15. Doctor in Philosophy in 2019 The United Colleges of Brazil FAUNB 

16. Doctor of Humanities 2021 The United Colleges of Brazil FAUNB 

17. Doctoral Degree for English Literature and research for contemporary Poetry 2020 -Institute of Islamic Studies- Algeria 


Officially recognized as an author, writer translator by the National Book Development Board of the Philippines (NBDB).

 Winner of the Naji Naaman International Literary Honor Prize Winner for Complete Works 2022 – Italy.  

Winner on the 2022 -8th Chinese Poetry Spring Festival- Beijing

Nominee for the 7th Awards of Chinese Literature Magazine held at Longyan City -19th December 2021.

 Winner at the 1st Zheng Xin International Poets Award former poem “Let’s Hug Them in Our Prayers (A Prayer for The Little Afghans)”.

 Awardee from Associazone Culturale GLI AMICI DI GUIDO GOZZANO- Italy.

 Power Poet Award at the The 1st Jin Yan’an Culture and Art Festival 2021-Yan’An China.

 She is the Founder of World Birland Poets WBP- Poetry Group of a newly emerging country the State of Birland in African Continent & Unity World Peace Poets (UNWPP) in the Philippines. 

She has authored the series of Poetry collection titled “Eden Blooms” which contains her primary poems translated, published and printed in Telugu, Serbian, Chinese and several other languages.

Her book titled “Symphony of Souls” was published in India in 2020.

In 2021, “108 Poetry Collections of Eden S Trinidad” has been published in the Philippines.

The poetry book titled “Feathers of Silence” which she co-authored with Mohammad Mohi Uddin a Bengali Academician has been published in Bangladesh.

“Dual Melody” co-authored with Dr. Sultan Muhammad Razak published online will be published too in Prodigy for prodigy publication.

This year 2022 the Indus Source is about to publish her poetry collection through the initiative of B.Narsing Rao in India.

 She is the translator and editor of 5 epic books of internationally known poets.

Some of her published works are published at the Freelipiania Online Library of the University of the Philippines and Pantikan.ph

One of her short stories has been published in Soflay magazine.

Her poems graced the Atunis Galaxy Anthologies founded and chaired by Agron Shele in Belgium from 2018 to present.

More than a walk in a shaded cherry orchard depicting the poetic universe – Reference about the poetry of the author Eden Soriano Trinidad (Philippines) – By Agron Shele / Translated into Chinese language by James Tian | ATUNIS GALAXY POETRY (atunispoetry.com)

Dual Melody Final:
Dual Melody Final : Sultan Muhammad Razzak : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Personal Email: edenstrinidad5@gmail.com

Official Email: edenpm@birlandgov.org

State of Birland official website: www.birlandgov.org